Wok Seeds Down to Work Towards Helping Leprosy

Formation / Registration of Charitable Trust MPSM

Formation / Registration of Charitable Trust MPSM

Adopted 3 xxx Leprosy

Slums RK Puram, Tilak Nagar, Srinivas Puri

Average 500 per Colony

Daughters of Leprosy Parents Leprosy Slums

Adopted 5 Girls in of the Dormitory under Our Suppression (7 to 11 Years)

5 Became 8

8 Became 11

Aya Nagar Delhi

Purchase 500 meter of land with vision to create A permanant house

Moved to Larger Rented Facility in Noida

11 Becames 30

Started Middle School Vatsalyam Gurukul in the Same Facility

45 Girls

2009 Daughter of leprosy parents leprosy slum

2016 Moved new Home

How can you help?

  • Sponsor a child
  • Adopt a girl child
  • Sponsor a medical support
  • Sponsor the Stationary for children
  • Celebrate/ Share your happy moments at festivals & B’days.

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