Free Tuition Support and Remedial Classes for Slum Children and School Dropouts (Primary and Middle School)


We are running two (2) tuition centers in Dakshinpuri, Ambedkar Colony a vast slum situated in South Delhi, for poor school going slum children. These remedial classes help them with their school work so that they don’t drop out of school as their parents are daily wagers and mostly illiterate. It also keep them away from the streets where they are likely to get into bad habits, drugs and crime and prevents these vulnerable children from abuse and sexual assault etc. Classes are conducted in the morning and evenings, presently nearly 250 children come to these two Centres for free tuition. Each child is provided after school tuition support, stationary, books and with a glass of milk and nutritional snacks every day, free of charge. We also take care of their medical needs, immunization and regularly get their health check-ups done. Our volunteers counsel the parents and keep a track of their attendance and are in constant touch with their families and their school teachers to ensure that the child is regularly attending school and our tuition classes and is not going into bad habits and company. Since last five years uptill March 2018, NSIC (Okhla, New Delhi) a public sector institution was supporting this project under its CSR initiative.

Our Journey:


Started our work with the children of Leprosy Slum in R. K. Puram, New Delhi. Giving them remedial classes and taking care of their our all health and other daily needs since their parents were predominantly beggers or afflicted with leprosy. 

We also started a dispensary in this slum for the inhabitants. We built their toilets, installed swings (jhoolas), repaired their homes and built a mandir and a church for them.

We also provided them with groceries, dry ration and all daily need items which includes clothes, wollens, school dress and stationary etc. 


We adopted another leprosy slum situated in Tilak Nagar, Delhi having nearly 1000 inhabitants.  We supported the children of this Leper Slum under our Saakshar program where we provided them with their school fee, books, uniform, and stationary. 


Adopted 3rd slum for Saakshar program in Dakshin Puri (largest slum south Delhi) where, for the first time, we started imparting them after school support under our supervision and through dedicated teachers.
We started with 15 children in the Saakshar tution center.


The strength of Dakshin puri grew rapidly to 50 children. Apart from the remedial classes, we gave them a glass of milk and snacks as an incentive for the children and parents to send their children.


Our Dakshin Puri tution center was supported by National Small Industrial Corporation (Govt of India) under their CSR initiative.
Our strength now grew to 100 children and we added free stationery, books and health care the children. 


With the support of NSIC, we continued our Saakshar Program and our strength grew to 150 children.

How can you help?

  • Sponsor a slum child’s remedial education at Saakshar.
  • Sponsor child’s medical support.
  • Sponsor the Stationary for children.
  • Celebrate/ Share your happy moments at festivals & B’days.

Become a volunteer Donate  (Tax benefits)