Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission – Our People

Under the Divine guidance of ‘Guru Maa’, there are excellent hand-picked volunteers who are working tirelessly to make Vatsalyam a ‘Home away from home’. Every working member at Vatsalyam is trained personally by Maa, as ‘Maa’, herself is very close and deeply affectionate to the children. Maa always says, “Children are our tomorrow’s Torch Bearers, they should be given a clean path that they become leaders in the future.”

Sanjiv Verma, the Secretary of our Mission, handles the entire administrative responsibilities. All the records and facts of various fields that have to be submitted in different departments, various government inspections, etc. are taken care of by him. His effort and hard work since the Mission’s inception has made Vatsalyam come true as Maa’s dream project.


Narendra Malhotra, the Joint Secretary of the Mission, takes care of all the running around, from small repair work to any big change that is required. As our home is for girls, no males like plumbers/electricians, etc. is allowed.  Thus for all such work, he gives his precious time and gets the work done in his presence. The Mission values his time and effort that he sincerely puts in.


Snigdha Nanda, is lovingly called as ‘Choti Maa’ by our girls. For all extra-curricular activities like singing, dancing, coloring or clay making etc., she is looked upon by the girls. Herself, an artist, she helps the girls in all such activities. The girls are trained to perform on the stage during our Founder’s Day and even in their school, they are selected on this basis.


Asha Malhotra is an excellent support and extended arm for Vatsalyam. She is a very regular volunteer, who takes care of girl’s daily needs like clothing, shoes, slippers, stationeries and many other necessary items for their day to day wear. Herself, a mother of two young daughters, she painstakingly takes care of all the girls’ needs growing into teenage stage of life. She is looked upon by the girls for every demand and is lovingly called as ‘Maa’.


Vijay Raj:  Coordinator – Social Development Vijay Raj, studied and worked in many countries, has been closely associated with the functioning of the Mission since its very inception as a Founder Trustee. Being young he has been successfully providing administrative guidance to the volunteers and juniors, assigning and scheduling their work and motivating them to complete the target inside deadlines. Planning strategies, implementing our organization’s programs & services and resolving problems by organizing and attending community and charitable meetings have been important areas managed by him. Additionally he has been a great support in critically assessing and taking remedial measures in the educational development of the girls staying at ‘Vatsalyam’, the home run for destitute girls from different Leprosy colonies.

Principal and Management head Vatsalyam Gurukul Anju Garg by profession a teacher, handles the entire responsibility of the newly started school Vatsalyam Gurukul School and the residence management of the girls. She handles various organizational responsibilities of the Maitreey mission. She shoulders the responsibility of the Girls Home, ‘Vatsalyam’, as every child and staff run to her fondly calling her ‘Maa am’, and Anju Garg lives up to the expectations of the young children as a mother. She is the chief organizer of Maitreey Mission’s events. She very skillfully manages all our events and guests to the utmost satisfaction of all.


Anupama Gupta Kitchen Consultant, a Masters degree in Food Sciences & Nutrition from G.B.P.U.U.N.T is Maitreey Kitchen’s consultant. She is a renowned author for recipes in many English and Hindi magazines since the last twelve years. Busy with her regular photoshoots she handles the mouth-watering recipes from our kitchen. Our Maitreey Sack bar is carefully checked with nutritional values.  . 

Mr. Pradeep Field Staff and Manager was given responsibility solely on the basis of the security environment for the young girls living at our residential school vatsalyam Gurukul School. For all emergencies and handling the school responsibilities Mr Pradeep is agreat help. His presence ensures safety to all even during Sundays and other holidays.


House-keeper –  Vatsalyam: Our girls hostel provides the girls with an atmosphere much like a home away from home.  It provides them with all the necessary facilities which helps them to adapt well with this new ambience.

To look after the young girls the trainer who is like a strict yet kind mother, “Rekha” stays in the hostel and manages all the affairs pertaining to the routine hostel activities.


Cook:-  Our hostel has its own mess which is managed and run by the staff according to the rules set by the Mission. Keeping in mind the different tastes of the students, the mess caters to them with healthy and tasty food. The kitchen is run by our field staff, ‘Umesh Mandla and Shiva’.


Field Coordinator:-  Rameshwari, a conscientious field worker is the coordinator of our Saakshar centre operating at Dakshinpuri. She not only coordinates between the teachers and students regarding attendance but also takes care that the refreshments provided by us for the students of these remedial classes, are served properly and hygienically to them.

Office Assisstant:- Vilas, a young hard working man looks after routine office work besides taking on field duties of depositing payments for bills,  running errands, visiting various offices for routine tasks.

Teaching Staff:-  

We have appointed well qualified teachers for our school. They are guiding and motivating new entrant children at Vatsalyam which is not an easy task. The new children come from an environment where they have not had any discipline or the desire to learn. They work very hard in co-ordination with other members to help developed an interest to learn and study on regular basis.

Our Patrons

Shri Dr. D. Bhalla and Shri Sarat Nanda, our patrons, are the biggest asset to the Mission. Without their sincere efforts, Vatsalyam would not have existed. The mission is thankful to both of them for their support and love.

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