An open letter to Vikas,

Dear Vikas

Today the 27th of July, it has been a month, yet your memories filled, with a belief that you will just call me, “Maa a” with your warm and loving voice. With acceptance Vikas, I am trying to let go you, though I need to admit there is still internal struggle, on the other hand your resonating voice calling me which gives me a feel of real voice.

My love for you was just like my own family, I related to you as my own son. It pains me to admit that I think about you more than I did in the past, as your name was first in my lips to call you to fix anything at Vatsalyam Gurukul.

Effortlessly, you changed other’s opinion, that was you! You always saw good in people, so you made others see good in life. You touched my Soul, so the divine guidance followed. Everything happens for a reason, so there must be higher purpose of your exit too.

You were a jewel and loosing you is a big loss. Down to earth, fantastic individual. But what best I saw in your physical presence was the power of your Divine Soul which you exhibited rarely to few. Power of divine soul wins over the bondages of the earth and the individual soul is merely a particle of this Cosmic Principal.

Your soul kept guiding you so you prepared your family in some way and they have shown immense strength that they can function in the face of tragedy. Your dear wife Arthi, children Devang & Devayani will be taken care by our Creator which you are well aware, they will always find me next to them at any requirement, along with our Maitreey Parivar. So, dear Vikas,  go on……..on your divine path….

No matter how great the loss on earth would be, or how deep the grief, the world does not stop, as your body declined, the Spirit with in you was so well activated with a new dimensional shift.  

Few months before your divine plan to exit, you had gone through series of spiritual transformations, which was new to you then, and that helped you merge with your ‘Mighty I Am’! Just few days before what blessings you received from Ganesha the Obstacle remover! Ganesha’s vision of flowers upon you,  later His red eyes like bright gem showing you higher path, which scared you a bit in the physical mind.  Your urge to learn more- you took what was incomplete so that you can leave in completion!

Your path of Gita that you walked through towards the end made you very detached, though being a extremely affectionate person. I assure your loved ones that it was not lack of love but was a preparation to take leave. The deep introspection that you indulged while in the hospital, must have helped you unburden every little thing from your emotional body in this physical realm. While you were moving towards the eternal time to cross the bridge,  transition to higher level was taking place, but we were stuck with your essence trying hard to not let go! That is the irony!!

I know you are not the only one to leave this plane so young and unexpectedly.

You will never be forgotten and that is our salutations. Farewell until we meet on another realm.

In eternal love



Writing a tribute for you Thapar ji, is so painful. Everyone called you aunty but you were like a mother to me. 
I recall some of your lovely memories. Years down the lane, one day you called me and introduced yourself. Since then your journey started with me. Regular in your meditations, attending all workshops and classes, your innate sense of humor, dignified speech, and above all your empowering, infectious affection! Your affection for my boys was so touching!  The way you would enquire about all of them by their names every visit we meet….
Oh! How beautifully you draped a sari, the Bengali drape to match the theme on my birthday… the birthday celebration was a surprise but to see you in such a drape was a big surprise. Such was your spirit, so jovial were you that Arun whom you considered your grandson could mold you, and make you wear that would go with the theme…  
You have now traveled to the ethers, I sense your peace…keep blessing all of us always as you do…Bye-bye…