Battle with Carona-Asura

From ancient times, we have known about severe wars between Asuras or demons & Devas or angelic beings. Sometimes the Asuras win defeating the Devas and Devas then take the support of Gods and fight and push them back to death. They both represent two sides of life, at times the goodness wins and sometimes the negative force wins. The entire battle takes many years and yugas or planetary age and then after a brief mini pralaya or dissolution then the earth resumes back to normal for the humanity. The asuras come to teach a lesson and once the lesson is learnt they go back.


The present time seems to be something similar to this. We have learnt, of end times of this planetary age for long and also somewhere expecting that for last many years, we believed and rejected many Spiritual channelling, predictions etc. But the question is whether this mini dissolution that the earth is a facing now is punishment to the mankind or earth mother is going through her own repair and maintenance?


Whatever little we knew, everyone expected some known way of huge disaster as per his religious, cultural folklore or scientific knowledge. The expectation of end times or Pralay was expected to bring natural calamity to that extent where the human lives would completely perish. But little did we think, due to our myopic vision caused by our belief system that no such calamity can wipe out the entire humanity. May it be floods, tsunami, earthquakes, freaking weather patterns, militancy etc, still it cannot happen on the earth at the same time, same moment wiping out complete humanity. Yes, all this can cause major human lives perish. But still our world couldn’t have come to a standstill.


It was beyond human comprehension to even give a thought that a little invisible virus could hit the entire globe at one go and bring it to a gridning standstill. No! The virus is no little, it is mighty Asura who is striking hard every day, every nation. Bacteria and viruses are building blocks of life and the reason of us being here on this planet! Yet the whole of humanity dreads this virus called Coronavirus. This virus that I address as ‘Corona-Asura’ just goes to replicate itself until the person is dead. This asura comes wearing the same kind of crown which looks like thorns. This Coronasura is a Mayavi/ magical like all other mythological asuras, he has incredible mayavi shakti that it can go into a perfect healthy body, replicate itself and hammer down a message to each organs to go into shut down mode. This asura gives a command to every major organ to shut down. And the organs lose their own intelligence and they behave the new way they are newly programmed. And they very quickly go into auto shut down mode, creating death hormones in the body. No big

effort, just a command through our DNA to perish. The organs die and the human is dropped dead with in no time and becomes a bio-hazard. 


Why this asura has come? what has this made us? It has replicated in our minds making us little asuras who are core selfish. We have started to look at people with doubtful eyes as the person ahead of us is Caronasura for sure. We don’t want to help or be in their lives when most needed just out of fear for our own lives. Those who can afford would like to remain indoors for years just to stay alive. Do we ever think of those lives who have to work, be outdoors just to fend their families? This asura has multiplied in our heads making us doubtful, nasty, unhelpful and selfish people.


Man is born with FEAR that holds a major portion in our growing up. Fear is the food for the Caronasura. It gets a fertile soil to multiply in our heads which gets filled with fear. Being careful and aware for self-protection is required, taking utmost precaution is necessary, taking all the required vitamins is important, but not hide in fear. Fearful mind commits mistake, an aware mind is alert and takes control of timely precaution.


Like fear, our Creator has given an inbuilt material called HOPE. We develop hope even during the darkest hour without being taught about it. That is the beauty of hope! We have to learn, how to channelize it properly. Hope is like an electronic chip inside us. But the best way is through spiritualised mind, developing hope and faith as an armour. Hence God’s name should enter our DNA as the only medium to establish hope. Yet with this weapon sometimes we lose the battle. Does it mean God doesn’t exist? Or God doesn’t listen to
our prayers? God is partial?


Losing the battle is normal but we should not lose hope, belief of something that we can go on during tough time. You don’t have to be fanatic but stand with a belief of existence of Cosmic Intelligence which is known as God. The question now is do we believe that we are Souls? If yes, then God does exist who made us first in soul body and then into this dense body. God is the super soul. In that case, it is always the choice of the soul to decide when to exit out of physical dense body. The will of the soul is honoured by the Great Spirit and
it makes way for death hormones to be produced and the body is dropped dead. When we think with those lenses then the grief or fear is manageable.


Then we don’t feel that cheated when we see our loved ones depart, because a bigger understanding dawns that it is God’s plan.


Secondly, if we are not convinced with soul, super soul and God theory, because God doesn’t seem to listen to our prayers and does miracles that we want. So he doesn’t exist. Then where do we find ourselves? Even with that understanding, there is nothing to cry for as there is nothing to lose. We were born just as a physical body without any higher support. That means our birth was just an accident. Then why cry? Death is also an accident! A virus created us and a virus kills us…


Everything happens for a cause if God exists or everything is mere accident. The body that we love so much becomes hazardous hence cannot be kept or seen for one last time. The Caronasura is letting new of way of thinking. It is teaching us to go beyond the affection and attachment of this body, it is teaching us to go back to our origin, live in simplicity, just live for now, be as a close knit unit and work from home and many more things. Post pandemic, a new thought pattern and new life style, a new era will be dawning for sure. The change takes its own time.


COVID 19 Alert

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a new strain of coronavirus which may cause illness in animals or humans.  In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases. We learnt that first it was identified in a cluster with pneumonia symptoms in Wuhan city, Hubei province of China.
Countless have lost their work, in India where huge population is migratory labour, they have faced immense hardship. Educated have lost jobs or their salaries slashed to half. It has broken down the common people of their faiths, hope, who live under constant fear and
doubt of who could be carrying the virus now? Our socio-economical fabric is hard hit. It is time to stay united, share what we can and support who is less fortunate so that we all collectively survive this pandemic and go on into the new era. Maitreey Mission is having its own trouble and trauma in this pandemic too like anyone else. We have lost our dear volunteer Vikas Sikand due to Coronavirus at a very young age. Our donations are getting very difficult as everyone is facing monetary problems due to losses in the business or salaries slashed etc. But we have to go on and march in the light as our duty. Maitreey Mission’s young volunteers have taken responsibilities. And many lovely hearts have come together to share what they can and together we are still feeding many mouths, supporting many families. This endeavour will continue successfully until the virus traces its step back. We look forward for more help from all of you to continue this noble journey. May
we collectively see the New Era!


Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
Our campaign to feed the hungry and helpless.
We along with our friends, well wishers and donors are trying to support the daily wagers, poor and anyone who
is in need.
* 1535+200 more families received dry groceries.
* 1310+200 more families received toiletries kit.
Sharing a little bit what we can, is an effort done with dignity, sensibility is maintained that the receiver doesn't
feel belittled.
We are trying to establish awareness through our continuous efforts.

Covid 19