About Maitreey – Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission

“Maitreey Preksha Seva Mission” is a philanthropic public charitable trust which is a non-political, non-religious and secular body, registered under ‘Indian Trust Act, 1882’. The Trust was incorporated in November 2004, while actual social work started way ahead in the first quarter of 2000.

The Trust is committed to selfless social service and public welfare for the overall development and multi- dimensional upliftment of poor, down-trodden and under privileged people. The Trust aims at providing hope and new opportunities, spiritual guidance, solace, alleviation of suffering, economic support, employment, promoting educational and welfare programs and activities for the overall growth and welfare of the society.

Being a spiritual organization and public charitable Trust, the Mission reaches out to people of all religions to unify humanity by spreading the universal message of love and brotherhood. The Mission provides hope and new opportunities, spiritual guidance, economic support, promoting employment for overall growth and welfare of the weaker sections of the society. Above all, the Mission stands for bringing total health and happiness by helping eradicate the stigma of the biblical disease, “Leprosy”.

Maitreey Mission serves the humanity in three ways.

  1. By spreading Spirituality – propagating the universal unity of all religions.
  2. Holistic Healing to handle diseases and disorders of human body.
  3. Charity/ Seva for the welfare and benefit of all the sick, poor, old and destitute of the society.

Maitreey’s Focus 
The Mission has specially focused on the area of Leprosy Relief as it is the most neglected and emotionally painful area of our society. Though on records this disease might not be active and not growing any more, but on every street crossing or traffic signal you will come across these people begging, in tatters in the name of some attire. They are still the untouchables left in this 21st century. It is a long battle to eradicate the disease in the first place, but by removing the stigma itself, the dreaded disease diminishes in size. It is the stigma that makes them helpless and deprives them of basic human kindness in the form of a loving touch. All our leprosy relief programs are meant to take them out of their pathetic condition and slowly bring them to the main stream.

Maitreey’s Mission:

  • To bring total health and happiness for people, through Yoga and healing for physical, mental, and emotional self.
  • To acquire and run our mobile dispensary throughout all the Leprosy Colonies in National Capital Region in order to overcome the shortage of doctors and medical support for the inhabitants of the Leprosy Colonies and to provide medical relief at their doorstep.
  • To provide relief to all Leprosy Colonies and Slum Dwellers especially children in the National Capital Region by providing food, clothing, medical and educational assistance, maintenance of boarding and common facilities.
  • To induct more destitute girls of Leprosy patients from economically weaker section of the society into our existing “Girl’s home” and create more homes meant for their care and upbringing.
  • To build a “Boy’s Home” for the children of leprosy patients and slum dwellers for their care and upbringing.
  • To reach out to people and situations affected by various natural calamities.

Maitreey’s Vision:

  • To be a charitable organization that can work to provide relief and help the underprivileged in their day to day regular needs.
  • Help improve the literacy level among the poor and slum children by supporting them in their education through various means.
  • To be an organization with values and culture based on Indian tradition providing total guidance in maintaining health through our Self-Empowerment programs.
  • To create opportunities for the illiterate and underprivileged women to work and earn a decent living through our various Maitreey products.

Maitreey’s Growth:

Maitreey family is spread far and wide. It has strong, dedicated volunteers spread in Delhi/NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, and many other cities. This family has also grown beyond the borders of India working for all the philanthropic causes of the Mission. The Mission receives working volunteers from various countries, who stay at our existing “Girl’s home” to work with them and spend their time in leprosy welfare.

The Mission extended its arm in Canada in the year 2009. ‘Maitreey Mission Canada’ regularly holds charity events for fund raising and spreading awareness about the plight of Leprosy patients and other under privileged slum dwellers.

‘Maitreey Mission Canada’ works to help various wings of the Mission in India to alleviate the sufferings in leprosy slums of Delhi. The volunteers visit and help spread awareness amongst the residents to improve their living condition, sanitation and hygiene.

Taking initiatives and constantly working on new horizons need focused implementation of various ideas and plans. Resources, efforts and selfless dedication make this successful.

Contributions from the society is always significant in bringing out social changes. Your ideas, contributions either monetary or through voluntary service gives us an opportunity to expand and outreach to more deprived people. For contributions, please contact info@maitreeycharity.com